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Strip brushes, also referred as channel back brushes, are long lasting multipurpose brushes. Involve Marketing offers high quality strip brushes in assorted sizes and with several options for channels, brush holders and bristle.

The brush strip consists of a metal band in which a core wire is put. Between these two parts, the fibres are inserted. By clenching the total together, we get a brush strip with a variable profile width. To get an easy fastening, the brush is put in a holder or an underframe.

Strip brushes can be delivered in various shapes, we can have it in straight strip, coil strip, curve strip, or cup-like strip; it is flexible and can be formed in many shapes depending on application. They can be used in industrial applications such as sealing, surface cleaning, surface roughening, dusting, positioning, product categorization or separation, fruits washing/cleaning, wiping etc. Besides, it is also used in domestic applications such as door and window sealing - weatherstripping, dust control, pest control (keep rodents out of rolling steel door); hence they are also known as door seal brush, window seal brush or weather strip brush. They are also used on side of escalators to reduce accident risks of passenger side-step entrapment.

Discuss further with us if you would like to know how we can assist you with our custom made strip brush.

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Strip brushes are also used for cable seal management (desk cable brush, desk cable tidy brush, table cable management). These strip brushes can also used for bird proofing, pest proofing (bird proofing brush, pest proofing brush, bird control brush, pest control brush).
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